A Canadian couple was recently visited by an unexpected but delightful little guest.

Sara’s parents noticed that the fox is sleeping on a tree stump outside their house. The couple looked out the window and was spoiled with a beautiful scene that looked like something from a fairy tale. A little fox was sleeping on top of a tree stump in their back yard.

The couple has been social-distancing due to a coronavirus and they have no pets, so a view like this really made great their day. The fox had curled up on top of the large, high stump and seemed to be sleeping soundly.

The couple’s daughter, Sara Ryan, take a picture of the little fox and they realized that she had to share this incredibly valuable moment with the whole world.

She shared the picture on her Twitter, and people barely held back their joy. Soon, thousands of people were gushing over the cute fox. Ryan shared a second photo of the ruddy little sleeper and revealing that her father had called the fox “Nezuko”.

People just couldn’t get enough of it, Ryan was more than happy to share a little joy by sharing a few more photos of the sleepy and adorable Nezuko.


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