Life in modern society is a real challenge for some of us. Dr. Stewart Kwane is a heroic veterinarian who makes a real difference in the world. He has always been an animal lover and spent much of his formative years saving stray animals.

This eventually got him on the way to becoming a veterinarian and since then he has saved countless animals. Now known as “The Street Vet” because he does a great job of helping the pets of the California homeless population.

Back in 2007, when the United States suffered from the economic crisis, Dr. Kwane began to realize that in order to be truly helpful and make a difference in the world. He had to start helping those people who had trouble getting their animals with proper medical care.

“I had been practicing high-end health care for clients who could pay for everything but suddenly I was thrown into this economic war and people couldn’t even afford to help their pets,” Dr. Kwane told CNN.

Poverty is hard enough to suffer alone, but not being able to give someone you love the help they need is absolutely heartbreaking. And unfortunately, this is the reality for several of our poor.

Dr. Kwane Kwane is now running a GoFundMe page that aims to collect donations to cover all of the expensive surgery needed by his four-legged patient.

“The cost of minor treatments such as ear infections, flea treatment, and vaccines can be around $100, while more serious cases such as tumor removal or dental treatments with extractions can be $1,500.” Saving a little buddy can really mean quite a large amount of money.

There is another case, her dog named Dinker and his owner Walter, “who have a connection like no other”. Unfortunately, “Dinker has a very rare condition that requires specialist surgery.” The doctor is currently working to achieve this but is aware that this is an extremely expensive procedure.

Dr. Stewart Stewart treating a man’s dog

Dr. Kwane quickly realized that there was a high demand for his services, and now he spends his weekends walking around and offering his services for free. The veterinarian treats animal allergies, ear and skin infections, flea treatment, tumor removal, and dental treatments.

Dr. Kwane is enthusiastic to continue his mission and he hopes to eventually develop the initiative and involve more veterinarians. That’s way, more people and their pets could have access to proper care.

Dr. Kwane is doing a great job and we hope that more veterinarians will be encouraged to act. No one should have to suffer the loss of a friend because they cannot afford to see a vet.


  1. Now that’s exactly what a vet should be – a genuine carer of all the animals – not jus the ones that people can afford to have treated. God Bless him and the animals he care for – the world needs more of this. Del in Canada


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