5 safety tips to protect your home if you have cats

Cats are said to have 9 lives. They always land on their feet. These are just sayings, and in reality, you need to implement some critical security measures in your home to make sure your cat is safe. Although cats are wonderfully independent creatures, as pet owners we have to do everything possible to ensure that our cat’s living area is safe and harmful. Here are 5 safety tips to protect your home safe for your cats

  1. Tying blind cords

Tying Blind Cords
Tying Blind Cords

It may look cute when your little kitten playfully hits these blind cords. However, you should make sure that they’re tied up and not where they can reach them.

  1. Keep away from intense cleaning agents

Keep away from intense cleaning agents

Several types of cleaning agents are toxic to cats, so you need to make sure that you lock up any of those strong cleaning products, such as those used to open drains or with bleach in them.  These couldn’t only irritate your pet but if you use them around their litter boxes, they may refuse to use them.

  1. Beware of things that break

beware of things that break

Cats may be very delicate, but sometimes very unsightly, especially small kittens.  So, stay smart! Make sure that no heavy objects or items that could break and leave sharp small pieces are not placed on your windowsill and waiting for your furry friend to lean too hard on them. In addition, furniture that your cats are likely to climb on should be hooked up to the wall in case the pet falls when trying to climb.

  1. Don’t keep cats inside your home appliances!

Don't keep cats inside your home appliances!

This is more common than you might think. So it’s really not a laughing matter. For example, the cat strolls in an open drying door or may be attracted to the food and climb into the fridge. Then the people in the house unintentionally close the doors and switch on the dryer or the cat in the fridge has no air supply anymore.

  1. Keep away from poisonous plants

Keep away from poisonous plants

Are you considering growing some herbs in your kitchen? Or buy some houseplants? Before rebuilding the green thumb, it is important not to determine the flowers, plants, and herbs that can be toxic to your pet.

Don’t be that human! Examine these appliances before using them and run them on all instances you use. Are there any additional tips you know to make sure your cats stay safe? Do you do anything at home to make cats a more cat-friendly environment? Let us know in the comments. 5 Safety Tips To Protect Your Home If You Have Cats.



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