Penguins are a group of aquatic flightless birds and highly adapted for life in the water. They’re live in the Southern Hemisphere, and there is only one species of Galápagos penguin is found north of the Equator. They have counter-shaded dark, white plumage and flippers for swimming.

Never underestimating a penguin is a mistake that might cost you dearly.

The hardest part of becoming independent is leaving whom the emperor penguin chicks are about to take the biggest step in their young lives left alone by their once-doting parents they must leave their icy birthplace and make their way to see.

Every test they face whose skills they’ll need later in life but one challenge stops them in our tracks a giant petrel they try to flee but running isn’t an emperor strongpoint.

A slip is all the petrel needs the chick is grabbed by his neck feathers but the diamond just falls away they form a defensive circle and prepare to stand their ground despite their check light appearance they are close to a meter tall quite a size even for a giant petrel.

The chick towers to fool height protecting those behind his defiance buys time. The plucky rescuer accompanies the chicks to the sea.

Emperor cam is there to see them on their way, but, entering the water is a daunting prospect having an adult around must be reassuring even if it is a spy. Another penguin cam is also ready to see them go instead other penguins start to arrive.


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