Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog is a remarkable canine sensation who has captured the hearts of people worldwide with his extraordinary talent and charismatic personality. His story is one of determination, skill, and a unique connection between humans and animals. This explores the remarkable journey of Otto, the Guinness World Record holder for “Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through by a Skateboarding Dog.”

Breaking Records

The turning point in Otto’s life came when he attempted to break a Guinness World Record. On November 8, 2015, in Lima, Peru, Otto made history by becoming the “Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through by a Skateboarding Dog.” He achieved this feat by skillfully navigating through the legs of 30 human participants, covering a distance of 30 meters in just under 30 seconds. Otto’s accomplishment was not only a testament to his remarkable skateboarding skills but also to the strong bond he shared with his owner, Luciana.


Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog’s journey from a rescue dog to a Guinness World Record holder is a heartwarming testament to the extraordinary bond that can develop between humans and animals. His story is a reminder that with dedication, love, and a bit of training, remarkable achievements are possible. Otto’s legacy extends beyond the world of skateboarding, as he continues to inspire people to cherish and nurture the unique connections they share with their animal companions. His Guinness World Record is not just a title but a symbol of the amazing possibilities that exist when humans and animals come together in harmony.




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