Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins are a group of aquatic flightless seabirds that make up the scientific order Sphenisciformes and the family Spheniscidae. Penguins are highly adapted for life in the water and they have counter-shaded dark, white plumage and flippers for swimming.

Are Baby Penguins Blind?

Penguins have binocular vision. Not all baby penguins are the same. Depending on the species, they have different sizes and plumage colors. Penguins have color vision and are sensitive to light of wavelengths of violet, blue, and green, and in some cases to ultraviolet light.

Baby penguins are called chicks. They are born blind and covered in a soft, fluffy downy feather coat, and they are dependent on their parents for food and protection. As they grow and develop, they will eventually molt and grow their adult feathers.

Penguins are a type of bird that lives in cold climates, primarily in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first week is very dangerous for a chick because it can’t regulate its body temperature, so it is completely dependent on its parents. At ten days of age, their eyes will open and they will begin to move a little more. When the chicks hatch, they’re helpless, blind, and covered with a thin feather, thickening after a few days.

The eyes of a penguin are adapted to see well both in the air and underwater. Baby penguins vary in size and physical characteristics depending on their species and their natural habitat.


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