Here in this pandemic situation not only humans are practicing social distancing even our dogs are also spending more time at home. As you know this pandemic has caught several of us staying at the home but I will let you know how to keep your dog’s active. You can active your dogs by playing games with them. Here are some pooch-approved games for playing with four-legged including clean-up activities that the owners will enjoy. But you will have to give some time to your pets to make them practice to let them learn these games.

You can teach them by your own old tricks. When you will start making them practice do not force your dog’s try to make them practice slowly. The dogs were the first species to be domesticated and have been selectively bred over millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes. Dogs vary widely in shape, size, and colors. They perform many functions for humans such as Hunting, herding, pulling, loads, assisting police, and military championship.

There are various kinds of dog breeds such as bulldogs, german shepherd dogs, labrador retrievers, cattle dogs, sheepdog, pug, wolfdog, and some others. Dogs are popular pets because they are usually playful, helpful, friendly, loyal, and listen to humans. Thirty million dogs are registered as pets in the United Kingdom states. Dogs eat both meat and vegetables.

  1. Agility course

It would be nice to buy a fancy agility course but it is not compulsory because many people don’t have much money to buy it. But it’s easy to make a DIY obstacle course with the use of daily objects such as pillows, blankets, and stools.

You can take an empty room in which your dog shouldn’t be hurt or damaged. You will want to walk your dog through the course few times, you will have to give them time. you will have to stand at the end of the course and call them. If your dog is a quick learner you can have fun with them by adding more hurdles. Here are a few ideas for your at-home agility course.

    • Old blankets, towels, and pillows to jump over
    • A hula hoop to jump through
    • A kitchen chair or stool to jump on
    • A pole on two boxes to leap over
    • A ball or flying disc to catch

  1. Magic cups

Despite current interest in dog cognition, very little is known about how dogs represent objects and how they compare with other species, such as the great apes. Therefore, I am going to tell you dog activities individuate objects in a classical violation of the expectation paradigm. We used a container (magic cup) with a double bottom that allowed us to change the type of food that subjects had seen being placed in the container.

Apes showed increased begging and looking behaviors and dogs showed increased smelling behavior. Both species stayed near the experimenter more frequently in the surprise trials compared with baseline trials.

Both species reacted to positive and negative surprises. These results suggest that apes and dogs were able for frustration and elation effects, but subjects, behaviors were not influenced by the food they saw and which they received in previous trials. Playtime is a good way to bond with your dog.

  1. Hide and seek

Hide and seek is best and easy for the entire family. All your need is your dog’s favorite toy. You will have to stay in one empty room while you hide in another. Once you are settled call your dog when he finds you, reward him with the toy.

  1. “Easter egg” hunt

A dog Easter egg hunt is a fun way to celebrate Easter with your pups. You can have your doggy egg hunt inside and outside make it as easy or difficult as your pooch can manage. This is most definitely a supervised game! Buy the plastic eggs in size appropriate for your dog’s then fill and hide the eggs.

Keep the eggs in that place where you can see your dogs. Call your dogs into the hunt area and sart by showing them the eggs, let them discover there’s a tasty treat inside you will be surprised that how quickly they and their noses catch and start running to find more eggs themselves!

  1. Round Robin

Round robin is another fun game for all dogs and it is very easy. Sit down in a living room and call your dog again and again until they become experts. When they become experts for indoor games then try it outside where you can spread out even further from one another.

  1. Stair sprints

To play this game you will need stairwells and a ball. Start this game from the bottom of the stairs and tell your pup to sit and stay. Then throw the ball to the top of the stairs and then say go! Let your dog run up the stairs as fast they can, but play this game slowly so that your dog cannot be injured. This game is an excellent and energy burner, it’s only for dogs who are more than a year old.

  1. The muffin tin game

This is an easy and nice game you will need a muffin tin and a ball to fit in each hole. You’ll also need kibble and smelly food. Treats are hidden in each cup of a muffin tin and covered with tennis balls. Your dog will have to use their nose and their memory skills to remember which treats they’ve grabbed from the muffin tin. They will have to get creative to remove the balls from the muffin tin to reveal the treats!

  1. Cleanup 

Cleanup time is way more fun when your dog can help. You will need to train your dog to understand the command. Teach your dog to pick up a ball and put it in the basket, and drop it inside. Repeat the same keep a piece of toy and ask your dog “Putt it away” repeat the same until the dog keeps all the toys in the basket. Make it a little difficult by spreading more toys or by hiding them. Yow will enjoy and will have fun with your dogs.


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