5 easy ways to clean up cat hair
The hair of a cat is floating in the air, so it can go almost anywhere. And since they visit a lot more places than a dog, you’ll probably find it in all kinds of places where you don’t expect to see it.

  1. Glove for removing a cat hair

5 easy ways to clean up cat hair
The rubberized surface of the special glove that you can be rubbed on bedding or furniture. The best for quick cleanings rather than large fur removal projects. You can just use a latex or rubber glove if urgent cleaning is needed.

  1. The dryer

5 easy ways to clean up cat hair


Put your items in the dryer in heating mode before throwing them in the washing machine. The tumbling motion loosens cat traps and hair it in the lint filter. If a clogged lint filter decreases the drying efficiency and could start a fire, so you clean the filter before drying the clothes.

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    1. Wet the cloth

5 easy ways to clean up cat hair@gettyimages

This is great for removing hair from furniture. Just dampen a washcloth or sponge and rub it over the furniture. The hair will come together in globes that they’re easy to remove.

    1. Using a vacuum cleaner with cat fur remover accessory

5 easy ways to clean up cat hair@gettyimages

Many vacuum cleaners have special brushes to remove cat hair from carpets and furniture. You can get a perfect pet hair removal vacuum at an affordable price.

  1. White vinegar

5 easy ways to clean up cat hair@gettyimages

If you have got greatly furred bedding and clothes. When you wash your clothes you just add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. The vinegar loosens the hairs from the fibers of the fabric. When you use the vinegar you faced a smell problem, so you can try a natural floral sachet in the dryer.

  • Avoid the saturated colors: Avoid the bright teal, black, and burgundy to showcase your cat’s love fibers.
  • Try the oriental rugs: Although oriental rugs usually come in bright color palettes, the patterns on these rugs are great for hiding the cat hair.


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