Homeless Dog Continues To Follow People On The Street For Heartbreaking Reason


Dogs are a true-hearted animal. It’s considered as a faithful friend of man a dog guards the house of the owner kids likes to play with dogs. A homeless dog continues to follow people down the street, trying to get the help they needed. Friendly to everyone and loving, but at the same time very kind and obedient, little Lily is a great dog that will make a great addition to any loving family. She loves to belly rubs, cuddles, and squeaky toys.


  1. After seeing Lily’s video I would be honoured to have her as a member of our family. She needs a home as need a dog. She will be loved.

  2. God bless forever you wonderful Romanian dog lovers ! I hope that by the time I am seeing this video that she has been adopted !
    Where can I make a modest donation ?

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