How To Cat Proof Your House

Cat proofing your house can be problematic. Preparing your house for the arrival of a new cat is much more than buying a litter box and some treats.
To ensure your cat’s safety and health, you need to protect each and every room from cats. Here are some tips on how to protect your home from cats in each room.

  1. Protect your kitchen from cats

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  • Keep your stovetop covered. Your cat will do a painful landing if they try to jump onto a stovetop in use. Try to prevent your cats from jumping up, and use burner covers on hot burners.
  • Close the cupboard and pantry doors. Stash cleaners, chemicals, garbage, and food for both pets and peoples behind closed doors.
  • Keep your garbage, recycling, and compost covered. Cats can suffocate in food bags, get sick from compost, and have a lot of other problems when they get into what we throw away.
  1. Protect your bedroom or home office from cats

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  • Keep your nightstands clear.
  • Prevent medications, rubber bands, needle and thread, and other hazards away from easily reachable nightstands.
  • Power down your paper shredder. Make sure to keep the cat’s tails and paws away from these sharp blades! Do not leave the shredder in “auto” or “standby”. When not in use, turn the switch to “off” or unplug.
  • Mothballs are poisonous and toxic to cats when eaten or sniffed. Hide the mothballs in a drawer and off the floor.
  1. Protect your shed, garage, and laundry room from cats

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  • Keep the clothes dryer closed. A toasty dryer seems like a comfortable sleeping place for cats, but it can be fatal if turned on while inside.
  • Put away ice melters and rock salt. Melting of many salt-based ice can cause tummy troubles or burn sensitive paws. Instead, use “pet-safer” ice melt products.
  • Hide chemicals from the garage. Automotive chemicals such as antifreeze, windshield fluid, and motor oils can be harmful and dangerous to your cat. Even a few drops of antifreeze can kill, so put it away.
  1. Protect your bathroom from cats

  • Cover up your wastebaskets. Unlike humans, cats love dental floss and other string-like items that can cause serious digestive obstruction.
  • Remove your medications and supplements. The main poisoners for cats are over-the-counter and prescription medications and natural supplements.
  • Keep the toilet seat lids down. Curious cats, especially kittens, might fall. Be careful not to leave toilet bowl cleaners in the toilet.



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