1. Ferret


Ferrets are very curious animals, and therefore they need a house protected from ferrets. Ferrets are very similar to cats. They’re curious, independent, and mischievous. They spend most of the time in their enclosure, but they can also be taken out for regular playtime. These pets are extremely playful and will play for hours with their toys and human companions. They are sociable and enjoy spending time with their family. Their fur is generally black, brown, white, or mixed.

Ferrets don’t speak and they can be little trained like a cat. Kids loved ferrets, and if they trained properly, they can be the faithful companion that you want. They have an average length of 51 cm, including a 13 cm tail, and have a natural lifetime of 6 years to 10 years.

However, ferrets aren’t a good option for small kids. Especially when they’re younger, they will bite. Their tiny teeth easily to break the skin. They are also easily injured by rough kids. Just like cats, ferrets will not love hugging too much until they’re at least one year old.

  1. Reptile


Reptiles are tetrapod animals of the reptile class ‘Reptilia’, which include crocodilians, lizards, snakes, tuatara, turtles, and their extinct relatives today. With the appeal of cold-blooded creatures may not be obvious than that of warm, vague animals, but certain reptiles are prized pets. Leopard geckos are one of the easiest reptiles to care properly

  1. Rats


The rats are several mediums in sized with long tails. The Species of rats are found in the entire Rodentia order, whereas the stereotypical rats are found in the genus Rattus. Some other genera of rats are Bandicota, Dipodomys, and Neotoma. Rats typically differ from mice from their size.

Rats love social interaction and enjoy being cuddled. They’re extremely intelligent, which makes them great pets for both kids and adults. If care isn’t taken, rats can become very depressed and have a shortened shorten lifespan.

  1. Guinea Pig


The domestic guinea pigs are also known as domestic cavy. Guinea pigs are becoming more common as companion pets. Guinea pigs are also harder than other small rodent species. It is also known that they are less skittish than other small pets and they’re very easy to tame. They’re easy to handle and easy to tame.

However, Guinea pigs require a lot of care and maintenance. They’re very sociable, love human companionship and also they need a decent size cage for walking. They also depend on the fresh fruit and vegetable including vitamin C and they do need a daily supplement that is difficult for kids to give properly.

  1. Hamster


Both Hamsters and Guinea pigs are often grouped into the same category, but the fact is that they’re very different pets. Hamsters are small and larger. Hamsters can also live alone and they’re content in a smaller cage.

Hamsters are lively, cute, and need little care. They are an excellent first pet for adult kids who have already proven that they’re responsible enough to care for their pets regularly. They don’t need much room. They’re the perfect choice for families who want a pet but aren’t yet ready to have a cat or dog.

I hope that you’ll know what pets are good fit for your family. Tell me which pet is best for your kids in the comments below!



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