10 Amazing Puppy Facts To Share With Kids

January 4 – It’s a National Trivia Day! This is a great day to learn something new, interesting, and unknown facts about puppy to interview your family and friends. Children especially love to learn random trivia, so it’s sure to be a fun day for them.

There are many other reasons to learn interesting facts about puppies. Honestly, you don’t need a reason to learn new things. It’s just interesting to learn about puppies, and children understand that better than anyone. Happy National Trivia Day!

Here are the 10 amazing facts about puppies to share with kids!

  1. Puppies are born deaf and blind


  1. When they turn one puppy are ‘adults’
  1. When the puppies are born they can’t poop
  1. They like to then when you’re sing-talk


  1. The number of the puppies are depends on the breed
  1. The puppies spend sleeping 15 hours to 20 hours in a day
  1. The Taco Bell Chihuahua was a rescue dog and they are known as Gidget
  1. Before they’re born, a female dog carries her puppies for about 60 days
  1. Puppies are born toothless
  1. Puppies can be twins!


I hope that you’ll enjoy the 10 amazing puppy facts. Do you know any puppy facts? Tell me the facts in the comments!

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